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Bridging Gaps Between Horses and People

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Man’s relationship with horses dates back millennia. The progress of humanity and of industry is, in large part, due to the sweat and toil of these magnificent animals. 


Even today, the world is torn between animal welfare and human desires. It’s sufficed to say that the word “relationship” is somewhat of an overstatement when classifying the co-existence of man and horse.  

If the horse could speak, they might say the “relationship” is tumultuous, at best. 

Today, horses are used less for work and more for pleasure. The horse industry sports an eight billion dollar a year economic impact in the United States alone. Still, the manner in which man communicates with horses is often tainted with force, scare tactics and gadgetry. 

Enter Anna Twinney, a respected authority on interspecies communication, the language of the horse and energy healing. Twinney, with her sunny smile, blonde locks and lilting British accent is known as a “horse whisperer”. Twinney is a 20 plus year veteran of gentle horse training methodology. She initially studied with Monty Roberts, who came in to the limelight after the popularity of the major motion picture “The Horse Whisperer”. Over the years, her hands on experience, her dutiful observations of horses in the wild and her unique perceptions have developed into a way of interacting she calls “Reach Out to Horses”. 

Twinney seeks to help horse owners and lovers learn the language of the horse. She works to help them understand the energy and sometimes baggage they bring into a session with their horses. It’s all in an effort to create harmonious interactions that bring joy and happiness to both the horse and human. In addition to her desire to bridge the communication gap, Twinney is committed to helping nonprofits that help to rescue, rehabilitate and ready all types of equines. The vast majority of her work gives back financially to the facilities and programs she works with. 

Twinney is fond of the adage “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail” … without a complete education in the subtle signals and movements horses employ to communicate, people are lost as to how to accomplish anything, Twinney explains. 

 “Usually, people use force, fear and gadgets to bend the horse to their will. Some people are cognizant that their choices are poor and some are oblivious, my mission is to give a voice to the horses and show people a way to work with compassion and cooperation not coercion,” Twinney states. 

Currently, Twinney travels the globe helping people who wish to work in concert with horses and seek a gentle and non intrusive way to communicate. Usually, a training facility or a group of like minded individuals will call Twinney to come and spend a few days with them in a structured, educational environment. 

This summer will land Twinney in four different locations beginning July 25th in aid of untouched foals in Oregon, the treasured Nokota horses of North Dakota, unstarted rescue horses in Colorado and finally helping horses with their people problems in Wyoming. These four unique courses are designed for students who wish to expand their understanding into everything from babies, youngsters, wild and behaviorally challenged. 

These courses may be taken together or individually, but do require a pre-requisite. 

 To learn more about what each course entails and the programs and horses that will be a part of the educational scope, follow the hyperlink 

 To learn more about ROTH and Anna Twinney visit 

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