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Cornell University Offers Farrier Courses

The College of Veterinary Medicine is proud to offer two courses in Farrier Program: the General Farrier Short Course and the Advanced Farrier Course.

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Cornell University Offers Farrier Courses
The program is housed in the Equine Hospital of the Cornell University Hospital for Animals. Participants will experience daily interaction with veterinarians and the resident Farrier Program working on in-patient lameness cases. Horses are also referred directly to the Farrier Shop from outside veterinarians for the application of special shoes. Both courses are taught by Cornell's resident Farrier Program. The program also provides an excellent instructor-student ratio of 1:3, allowing for close individual instruction.


Advanced Farrier Course (1 week)


A one-week course is available to practicing farriers with at least two years of experience and to active veterinarians interested in the latest advances in farriery techniques. This course will also provide advanced training for those interested in pursuing certification through the American Farriers' Association.


General Farrier Course (16 weeks)


This course is designed for persons with a demonstrated interest in farriery who have independently acquired some of the basic skills of the farrier trade.  The 16-week program provides students with practical knowledge of related anatomy, fundamental aspects of shoeing and fabrication of shoes.
Three sessions are offered each year beginning in January, April, and
September. The time schedule for each
16-week session with 40 hours per week of course work is as follows:
25 hrs in anatomy of the horse's foot
30 hrs in theory of therapeutic shoeing
385 hrs of forge work
200 hrs in trimming feet, fitting and nailing shoes


Farriery is a physically demanding profession. Applicants must be able to lift 75 pounds and be in reasonable physical condition for the work.
It is the responsibility of each student to provide themselves with the following equipment necessary to participate in the course:  Steel toed shoes, apron, safety glasses and hearing protection, driving hammer, rounding hammer, hoof knife, tongs, shoe puller, E-head stamp, 2 pritchels, hoof nippers, rasps with handles, pull offs, fuller (creaser), clinchers, clinch block, clinch cutter
PROOF OF CURRENT HEALTH INSURANCE IS REQUIRED upon acceptance. The student must provide documentation of current health insurance coverage while enrolled in the program. Documentation must be provided when the deposit is paid upon acceptance. A copy of the valid insurance card clearly showing name, effective date and expiration date or a letter from the insurance company stating that coverage will be in effect for the duration of the program will be accepted as proof.


For more information:
Cornell University
College of Veterinary Medicine
Ithaca, New York 14853-6401
Phone: (607) 253-3000
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