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Cazenovia College Equestrian Team member Keeley Gambino travels to Germany

International Experience at the Student Rider Nation's Cup

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Cazenovia College Equestrian Team member Keeley Gambino travels to Germany
Congratulations to Cazenovia College Equestrian Team member Keeley Gambino on her recent success over the summer (August 3-5) at the SNRC (Student Rider Nation’s Cup) competition in Germany (Nürtinger Reitverein, Im Tiefenbachtal)! 
She was a member of TEAM USA along with Lauren Franco (Mt. St. Mary’s University) and Amanda Pollack (Arizona State University).
Team USA was 8th overall out of 15 teams.(Germany won the TEAM competition and IRELAND won the Individual competition.)


At international student riding competitions, teams compete in both dressage and show jumping.  There are 4 rounds of each, and the students have the ability to advance to the next round IF they have the highest score on the horse they draw.  Typically 15-18 teams compete, and the way the horse groups work, 1/3 of the riders have the opportunity to advance.  So if 18 teams start with 3 riders each – that’s 54 total rides.  In Round 2 there will be 18 rides.  In Round 3 (Semi-Finals) there will be 6 rides and in Round 1 (Finals) – there will be 2 riders competing for 1st place.  Horses are provided by the host country and a limited warm-up is allowed. 

International Student Riding is governed by AIEC (which is the World University Equestrian Federation). 

Keeley thoroughly enjoyed the 8 day trip and said she would do it again.  "We spent the first three days in Munich which was a great city to see and experience ."  The event was held from Thursday thru Saturday with the first day for warm-ups. 

On Friday,  Keeley rode to a tie with a German rider and had to ride against him again on Saturday to determine who would move on in the competition.  The judges determined that the local German rider was .001 better on Saturday.  She was disappointed, but grateful for the international experience. 

Keeley shared her observations "Americans ride to make it look good while Europeans ride to get the job done". 


Keeley was encouraged to apply for the competition by Amy E. Sherrick-von Schiller, Head Equestrian Team Coach at Cazenovia College.  "Coach Amy encouraged us to apply as she had competed when she was in college and spoke highly of the experience".  The Dressage phase was new to Keeley.  "I was very comfortable in the Show Jumping but the 3 person Dressage was challenging.  You had to stay in pattern with the other two horses". 


The Junior at Cazenovia College is a Business Management major with a concentration in Equine Studies. "I went to a small High School in Redding Connecticut so Cazenovia College provided that intimate setting that I was looking for.  I have grown close with my teammates and coach and enjoy the facilities and competitions".

A big country music fan, who took in a Sam Hunt concert over the summer, would someday like to run her own farm.


"My grandmother has owned a riding facility up the road from us since I was a kid.  I would spend my summer days on the farm riding from morning to night, while doing the barn chores and feeding the horses.  My dream would be to open up a farm with my older brother someday."  Keeley understands that the future is tough to predict.  "I feel my business degree will prepare me for whatever I decide to do".

Good luck to fellow Cazenovia College Equestrian Team Riders Savannah Mannes, Gabby Baker and Erica Ferreira as they will be representing TEAM USA at the SNRC Switzerland competition in October!

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